Fee Schedule

Effective December 1, 2015

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, applied to your account.

Savings Account Fees
Christmas Club Early
Withdrawal Fee
Excessive Withdrawal Fee
(2 free per month)
$5.00 each
Checking Account Fees
Overdraft Fee $10.00
NSF Return Fee $35.00
Stop Payment Fee $30.00
Check Printing Fee Prices Vary
Copy of Cleared Check Fee $5.00
Online History Statement Fee $5.00
Other Service Fees
(applicable to all accounts)
Account Reconciliation Fee $20.00/hour
Account Research $20.00/hour
Copy of Statement $5.00/copy
Deposited Item Return Fee $35.00/item
Wire Transfer (outgoing fee) $20.00/transfer
Wire Transfer (incoming fee) $10.00/transfer
Certified or Third Party Check Fee $5.00/check
Inactive Account Fee
(after 1 year and account under $100)
Debit Card Replacement $30.00
False Debit Card or ATM Complaint $25.00/hour
Immediate POS Increase $10.00
PIN Mailer Reorder $10.00
Returned Mail Fee $5.00/item
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
Stop Payment Fee $30.00
Return Fee $35.00
NSF Fee $35.00
ACH Outgoing Transfer Fee $15.00
ACH Outgoing Reoccurring Fee
(one time setup fee)
Credit Union Membership
Membership Share $25.00
Membership Fee $5.00

The rates and fees appearing in this Schedule are accurate and effective for deposit accounts as of the Effective Date indicated above. If you have any questions please contact us.