• Picture ID: This can be a driver’s license, state issued ID or Passport. If opening an account for a minor, a parent’s identification will be sufficient.
  • Social Security Number: We need a social security number for each person on the account. We cannot open an account without a social security number.
  • Membership and Savings Account Deposits: Anyone joining the credit union must deposit $5 for membership and an additional $25 to be held in their savings account. All members must have a savings account as this represents your shares in NMCU.

Membership is open to the following:

  • Anyone who works or lives in Habersham County. 
  • Current and retired Ethicon campus employees, including all contractors and Kelly Associates.
  • Those related by blood, adoption, marriage or living in the same household as any of the above.

To notify us of a change in mailing address, telephone number and/or email address:

  • Call 706-894-9060
  • Mail to 255 North Main St., Cornelia, GA 30531
  • Stop by our office.
  • E-mail. If e-mailed, we will contact you at the phone number listed on our system to verify the request.

To add a member:

  • Complete a new signature card which you and the joint member will sign. Each owner/authorized user must sign in the presence of a credit union employee or have their signature notarized if unable to access our office during normal business hours.

Remove a joint member:

  • Joint member must complete a form requesting removal from the account or
  • Account can be closed and a new account established.

No. In order for someone to withdraw from an account at North Main Credit Union, they must be listed as an owner, co-owner or authorized signer of the account.

Our routing and transit number is 261191334. It is also located at the bottom of your checks. Starting from the left corner, it is the first nine digits. Your account number is also located at the bottom of your checks in the center and starts with 71106. It will be a total of 13 digits.

Yes. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a federal agency, insures your accounts up to $250,000. Click here for NCUA’s Share Insurance Estimator

Yes. Members may have more than one loan. All loans are subject to credit approval.

We do not currently offer the ability to change a PIN for the VISA® Debit Card. If you have forgotten your PIN, we can re-order a PIN reminder for you. Receipt of the new PIN generally takes approximately two weeks. There may be a charge for the PIN reminder.

Please see our fee schedule for details.

  • ATM daily limit: $255
  • POS daily limit: $500

If you need to temporarily change these limits, please contact us one day in advance during regular business hours. There is a $10 fee for same day increases.

Report a lost or stolen North Main Credit Union MasterCard Visa® Debit Card by calling 800-472-3272 or 706-894-9060 during regular business hours.

You may use either card at many locations all over the world. Please keep in mind the following:

NMCU will need to flag your account to ensure your card(s) will work in the country in which you plan to travel. You will want to provide to us the dates and locations of your travel. You may do this by calling 706-894-9060 during regular business hours. There may be international fees applied to your transaction.